What are you grateful for today?





Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people to be grateful every day. Our bracelet features a lone copper bead, right in the center. We hope that every time you glance down at this bead, you stop and think about one positive thing that you are grateful for in that moment. Pretty soon, you'll make it a habit and will be experiencing the power of gratitude.




I decided to look up Gratitude Guys when I saw Ellen's post on Instagram with her cool new bracelet. I thought to myself " I need to check this out". Once I read what you guys were all about, I was hooked and made a list of all the people that needed and would appreciate such a thing. 
My cousin was the first person that came to mind. This past year has been a rollercoaster of one medical blow after another. She has remained pretty upbeat the entire time but with so much devastating news in such a short period of time, you sometimes need a reminder that there is still stuff to be grateful for. So, my first purchase was for my cousins. 
When I opened the package to see that you had sent my cousin going through the hard time, the very first white bracelet, I cried at my dining room table. What a nice thing for you to do. We were all so happy to be doing business with such a heartfelt business owner and it made all the difference. 
After that, a coworkers wife was in the hospital with a horrible infection. Another coworker and I decided that he needed a little pickmeup and we split the cost of two bracelets for the two of them. He was so thankful for the gratitude bracelet and the constant reminder that there's always something to be thankful for. 
Then it all spiraled from there.  Someone watched our dog for us, gratitude bracelet. My aunt had a birthday, gratitude bracelet. My friend, Lynnae, needed something to get her kids for Easter, gratitude bracelets. Everyone needs a little gratitude reminder. 
I know you said short, so I'll wrap it up here. Sure, it's easy to say "I'll practice gratitude every day" but the bracelet helps remind you. It's helped me to compliment people more, complain less and sit back and think about what I'm truly grateful for and how much more beautiful life can be when you make an effort to practice gratitude. 
You guys are doing something right and you'll go far. We appreciate what you've done for us. A little bracelet has gone a far way and so will you!  
Thank you and we're forever grateful, 
Jess Romeo and gratitude clan